Camping it up

Not about food at all. Well maybe a bit. As a family we spent a couple of weeks in France this summer but all too soon we were back home and back into the routine of work.

This week however, I took a leave of absence and Mathew and I have come to Catgill in the Yorkshire Dales for a couple of nights under canvas.

The weather is glorious, the barbecue is giving off the heat signature of a small sun and we’re just sitting in the sun relaxing. A guy could get used to this




Cauliflowerish Soup

Just the thing on a rainy and cold May Day bank holiday.

I had some leftover veg and some bits that were rapidly approaching the bin so I thought I’d try and turn them into a tasty soup. It worked.

I took a red pepper, some wilty rosemary and chives and a half corn cob left over from dinner yesterday. 5 mins in butter and oil then added a medium cauliflower, chopped, one medium potato, cubed, a small bundle of chopped french beans and a pint of milk. I brought it up to the boil then left to simmer for 30mins until potato and cauliflower were soft.

Blitz in a food processor/mash/stick blend until smooth. Season and serve with fresh bread


Hello World


It seems like the World and her husband have a food blog so I thought “why not me?” Well, why not? I guess I haven’t got a lot to say and what I do say probably isn’t worth listening to, let alone worth reading.

A bit about me: Married to Sarah and have one son, Mathew. We live in the Pennines, not far from Haworth in a small house on a country lane. We are surrounded by fields, a bit of woodland, loads of moorland and have the River Worth on our doorstep.

I doubt very much I’ll be publishing often, but I will try to add stuff fairly regularly. It’ll be a mixture of home-cooked recipes, eating-out reviews and beer stuff.