Strawberry Clotted Cream Ice Cream

A seasonal glut of strawberries led to my local supermarket offering loads of fruit for very little money. After having them with granola for breakfast and floating in various cocktails what remained started to look a bit squishy. 

A bit of caster sugar and about two tablespoons of lime juice were added to a pan of about 500g of quartered strawberries. After about 20mins on a medium heat with the lid on they were seived and the liquid put back on the heat and condensed down to about 200ml. 

Meanwhile four egg yolks and 100g of caster sugar where beaten together until light and fluffy. 300ml of double cream and two pots of clotted cream were mixed with a splash of milk and a tsp of vanilla bean paste (not as nice as vanilla pods) and heated to 70C. Some of the hot cream was added to the eggs and sugar and thoroughly mixed. This was poured back into the remaining hot cream and stirred continuously over a medium heat until it thickened. 

This custard was allowed to cool and about 100ml of the strawberry syrup stirred into it. This mixture was then churned in an ice cream machine until it was gorgeous.